Owais Shaikh

Security Researcher  ×  Software Engineer
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Hi, I'm Owais. I'm a Security Researcher. I believe in solving complex problems with simple solutions. I love breaking things down and exploring them in-depth, routinely getting my hands messy with new tech. I love contributing to open-source in any way I can.

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August 2023

BlackHat Arsenal USA

BlackHat Arsenal USA 2023

AntiSquat gets featured at BlackHat Arsenal USA 2023. Presented that and BucketLoot with Umair.

June 2023


Some people I knew started getting a flurry of phishing credit card links in their emails and text messages. This was the inspiration for AntiSquat, an AI-powered phishing domain finder and typosquatting detector that can help organizations catch similar-looking domain names.

January 2023

Fourteenth International Conference, ITC 2023

Authored “Detection and Classification of Personally Identifiable Information in Images Using Artificial Intelligence,” based on PII research conducted at RedHunt Labs.

Available here

October 2022


Got my Bachelor’s degree from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology. Made some amazing friends. What a fun four years.

August 2022

BlackHat Arsenal USA

BlackHat Arsenal USA 2022

Octopii gets featured at BlackHat Arsenal USA 2022.

March 2022


Octopii banner

Wrote Octopii, an AI-powered Personally Identifiable Information (PII) scanner powered by Haar Cascades, Tesseract, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and NLTK.

Octopii was mentioned on Intigriti’s Bug Bytes Newsletter and on Daniel Miessler’s Unsupervised Learning podcast, gained a lot of unexpected traction in the GitHub, OSINT and Kali Linux communities and is currently RedHunt Labs’ most active repository.

Original blog here

January 2022

RedHunt Labs Private Limited

Currently working as a Security Researcher at RedHunt Labs, an online Attack Surface Management company. Managed deployments and infrastructure for the Research team. Worked with ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana. Wrote and debugged several tools in Golang and Python.

July 2021

ThinkPad E14 Synaptics driver port

libusb code

My second ever reverse-engineering/port. This one was a bit more difficult than I expected, so I left it alone. A lot of people starred it and were willing to fund it though. If you’d like to contribute, contact me or fork the project.

Archived here

March 2021

Bonhomie Solutions

Worked on backend, infrastructure, data protection policies and system design with Stephen, Ross and Kuda on project HomieBot.

February 2021



Founding member of keyspace.cloud. Wrote the official Android app for it too.

November 2020


Wrote my first Android library, GetPerms.

June 2020


Tried writing Sentry, an Android SIEM client with Nimish. Went nowhere, but I learned a lot about Mobile Computing from it.

Archived here

February 2020


Old Wristkey banner

Wrote a completely standalone two-factor authentication app for Android Wear / Wear OS. Google pulled their Authenticator out of the Wear Play Store and I needed an offline 2FA authenticator because my G Watch W100 doesn’t have WiFi. Released it on GitHub to help others in my situation.

Gained unexpected popularity and got mentioned on Reddit a bit.

September 2019



Wrote FTPSetup for Android and openTransmit for iOS, two utilities to make data transfers between mobile devices and Linux more seamless.

December 2018


Graduated from Polytechnic school and got my Polytechnic diploma after failing 4 semesters.


November 2017

Laser Communications System

Laser communications

My initial Polytechnic school final year project I made with Nelson. Got rejected because it wasn’t “CS enough” (whatever that means).

Archived here

March 2015

High School

Math final on my birthday. Not fun.

December 2013

Moto X APK ports

Moto G XT1033 modded settings screenshot Moto G XT1033 touchless control training screenshot

My first major project, an attempt at reverse-engineering and porting some very popular features from the first ever Moto X. Became top Moto G repo of the week on XDA Developers.

Archived here (Don’t judge too harshly, I was a kid that wanted to look cool)